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    Podrick Payne will man up in season 6 of Game of Thrones

    PODRICK Payne is no longer the bumbling and under-confident teenager he was at the beginning of Season 2 of Game of Thrones. In the ongoing sixth season, hea��s coming out of his shell. This time, you see him as the squire (armour bearer) of knight Brienne, and together they are ensuring the safety of princess Sansa Stark.
    Actor Daniel Portman tells us about the evolution of his character, Payne, a�?I think ita��s a misconception that Payne is stupid, just because he doesna��t talk much. Hea��s never been stupid, hea��s always been very clever. Hea��s found a very good sword teacher in Brienne. Hea��s been on the road for a couple of years. All this will definitely do some good for a young man. Hea��s certainly becoming a man in the series. It was a lovely realisation for me, because I started the show when I was 19 and Ia��m 24 now. So, ita��s sort of been a mirrored journey (for me and my character).a�? More from the Scottish star about his on-set experiences.

    The most exciting thing youa��ve done this season.
    I got my own sword, and I got to swing it around. I spent most of the day, every day, walking around on the sets and telling everybody to look at my sword. Ia��m sure they were sick of me by the end of it.

    And you had your own horse?
    Yes, Tornado. He was very well-behaved. I talked to him all day to make sure we were on the same wavelength. I love animals, so any opportunity to work with them is always fun.

    Have you changed your outfit in all these five years of the shoot?
    Never. It has been slightly accessorised, and resized from time to time. I dona��t think Ia��ve worn the same clothes in my life for five years, so ita��s nice to have a sort of throwback to the earlier seasons because of what Ia��m constantly wearing.

    Where would you like to see Payne end up?
    Ia��d like to see him back with Tyrion Lannister (whom he served as a squire in the past), and Ia��d like him to become a knight.

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