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    The Global Citizen Festival 2016 has been in the news for their highly-publicised Coldplay concert in Mumbai, scheduled for November. While everyonea��s talking about what-to-wear, Bollywood A-listers whoa��ll be in attendance, and filmstars who will be performing as part of the show and the sky high ticket prices, few are aware of the cause behind the concert.
    Ita��s the Miracle Foundation, based out of Delhi and the US thata��s partnered with Global Citizen to bring Coldplay to India, in a bid to raise funds for orphans in the subcontinent. Caroline Boudreaux, the founder of the foundation tells us more about the concert and her organisationa��s work in India.

    Why did you choose to partner with Global Citizen India?
    Wea��re a partner with the Global Citizen Festival in New York City, and since our work is focused here in India, we knew it would be a natural fit. We were super excited to be selected by Global Citizen India as one of their partners. Ita��s a huge honour.

    Ita��s a Coldplay concert. Why feature Bollywood stars?
    Ita��s important for the event in Mumbai to be uniquely Indian and Bollywood stars are interested in promoting social impact. Therea��s so much spirit, energy, character and talent here, and the event will absolutely capture that.

    How are you getting fans of Coldplay involved with the concert?
    Global Citizen India is giving fans a chance to win free tickets by signing up on their website to participate in various social activities. People can also launch their fundraiser for Miracle Foundation India and lucky ones can win free tickets at globalcitizenindia.ketto.org

    Many international organisations are already working for children in India, so why did you choose to set up here?
    Wea��re different from other organisations because we support existing institutions, instead of creating new ones. We base our interventions on the United Nations Rights of the Child, have robust tools to measure our impact, hold individuals and childrena��s homes accountable, and our overhead costs are incredibly low.

    Have you planned any special videos or AVs to be part of the concert showcasing the cause?
    Yes, wea��re working with Global Citizen India on highlighting some success stories of Indiaa��s children and hope to have to some of them featured on the day of the festival.
    Coldplay performs on November 19 at MMRDA Grounds, Mumbai

    a�� Ayesha Tabassum


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