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    Love & Other Things brings together philanthropy and music

    The Majolly Music Trust Choir is going to be performing a choral concert at the Festival of Music 2016. Neecia Majolly is a well known name in Western classical music in India. She is a concert pianist, conductor, singer, teacher and composer. Her foundation, the Majolly Music Trust hosts fundraisers that help build the music community in the city.
    The concert has been directed by Majolly herself. a�?The performance is titled Love & Other Things,a�? Majolly tells us. a�?The songs and music in the performance will be centered around the theme of love.a�? There is a donor pass for those who want to attend the concert. All the proceeds of the event will be going towards the Majolly Music Trust.
    Started in 2011, The Majolly Music Trust works towards teaching and performing music. The trust holds classes through which one can master the nuances of various instruments, as well as classical music vocals. Their Young Performersa�� Concert Series is an annual fixture that has been helping in promoting young local talent. There is also a special focus on reaching out to underprivileged youth so that they can have the option of a career in music. To that end, they also design scholarship programmes and train aspiring teachers.

    Between the notes
    The choir which is performing at the festival was earlier known as Camerata. They have been handpicked by Majolly through auditions and training. The members of the choir are all from varied walks of society and cultures but brought together by the love of music. The performance will showcase their talent and passion for music, with carefully chosen pieces that right from the Renaissance era till the present day. a�?Through our concert, we aim to promote the highest quality of music education and performance, while also doing our bit for society,a�? sums up Majolly.
    Tonight. 7.30pm.
    At the Theme Music Institute, Koramangala. Donor passes (`99) on townista.com

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