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    Fulfilling his childhood dream of playing The Doctor, an eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial Time Lord on the iconic BBC sci-fi production Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi is more than thrilled. The Scottish actor and film director follows in the footsteps of perhaps the most popular Doctor, David Tenant, the most recent one, Matt Smith, and the original, William Hartnell. Taking the keys to the TARDIS (a Time and Relative Dimension In Space transport machine, for the uninitiated), he teams up with Jenna (Clara Oswald) for the latest season. The Time Lord from Galafray tells us more.

    First thoughts on set.
    I was frightened and excited. My first proper day was stepping out of the TARDIS into a brand new world, which was exactly what was happening to me. I was in there with Jenna and a prop man, whom Ia��ve never met before. It was all a bit cosy. But it is frightening because you have to take on the challenge of this role, but at the same time ita��s exhilarating because you are getting to step out of the TARDIS as Doctor Who, and thata��s an iconic role and a great position to be in.

    What can fans look forward to?
    They can look forward to some scary episodes and some funny ones, and a Doctor who is difficult to keep up with and who is more alien than perhaps what wea��ve seen for a while.

    Did you always want to be The Doctor?
    I loved Chris (Eccleston), David (Tennant) and Matt (Smith). I was always hoping someone would call me and say a�?What do you think of coming and being in an episode?a��but I never thought they would think of me as Doctor Who.

    Is there added pressure on you since youa��ve always been a fan?
    It does add to the pressure because youa��re aware of how well the role has been played previously. At the same time, you have a sort of relationship with it that doesna��t have to be acted. You almost instinctively know what it is.

    On being the oldest Doctor.
    Ita��s like exercise, you dona��t have to go to the gym. You just come and play Doctor Who, and run up and down corridors being chased by monsters, and run away from explosions.A� But I think too much is made of my age. Who cares? Doctor Who is over 2,000 years old!
    Premieres May 15, weekdays on FX

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