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    I will have to admit thatunless you are from rural Punjab, or have connections there, you will probably have to go back to a restaurant for Punjabi food. So here are a few that dona��t do a bad job after all.


    You wona��t get the atte da kukkad here, but their burra kebabs, and even the tandoori chicken are good enough for a fussy eater. Rs.800 (for two). Nizamuddin, New Delhi. Details: 01141827871

    Punjab Grill:

    For curries, the dhaniya mirchi da kukkad at this restaurant is worth a visit, where chicken drumsticks are cooked in cinnamon, whole coriander, and mace, which is further enhanced with green chillies. Rs.1,500 (for two). At New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and Chennai. Details: punjabgrill.in

    Green Guru:

    If you cana��t access the parathas from the dhabas on the highway to Ludhiana, maybe Green Guru can help. The ambience is ignorable, but youa��ll love their parathas, served with a big dollop of butter. Rs500(for two). Thane (west), Mumbai. Details: 022 25418517


    Tucked away off Brigade Road, be prepared to wait for a table here. And in winter, load up on their sarson da saag with makki di roti. Ita��s as close to the original thing as it can get. Try the sweet lassi too. Rs.700 Fortwo). At Church Street, Bengaluru. Details: 25596361

    Sanjha Chulha:

    And you thought Hyderabad couldna��t have good Punjabi food? Think again. Check out the dal, the chholey, and the parathas here. The food is simple, inexpensive, and yet tasty enough to come back for the second time. Plus the Patiala chicken seems to be fairly popular too.Rs450 (for two). At Madhapur. Details: 04033165006


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