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    Don Bhatta��s new album spans multiple genres

    Electronica producer, Don Bhatt is on a whirlwind tour promoting his latest album, Connected. Bhatt, never at ease with being restricted to just one genre of music, blends electronica with acoustic instruments in this seven-track album. He tells us more.

    How did Connected happen?
    The album was born out of everyday experiences. What got me writing the song Connected, for example, was this frustration of waking up every morning and reaching for my phone. We had been trying out songs like Spinning World and The Storm live over the last year.

    What can we expect from Bengaluru gig?
    It is always a pleasure coming back there to play. Wea��re debuting our visual set at the gig. Fans are in for a treat as wea��re also going to be performing some new tunes written after Connected.

    You recently played at the Ziro festival. How was that experience?
    Ziro is one of the most stunning locations for a music festival, anywhere in the world. It takes a while to get there but when you do, ita��s worth it. The crowd is extremely passionate about their music so ita��s always exciting to play there.

    Todaym 3 pm. At The Humming Tree, Indiranagar. Tickets (`500) on insider.in

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