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    No gluten, dairy, A�or trans fat A�A�a��Smoke House Delia��s upcoming menu is a delight

    SMOKE HOUSE Deli will shortly bring a new menu to your table, alongside their everyday offerings. And this onea��s dedicated to the health addicts. Ita��s free of gluten and trans fat, and rich in super foods. The healthy substitutes that chef Sharad S has used include millet, jowar, ragi, amaranth, quinoa, red rice, kefir milk, kale, banana flour, spirulina, and cacao nibs. Therea��s a lot to choose from whether you are a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or even a vegan.
    For breakfast, you can get started with amaranth and flaxseed granola with probiotic curd and fresh fruits, or eggs with gluten-free bread. The latter will be served either with olive oil sautA�ed spinach, and garlic non-dairy cream or smoked salmon and fat-free a�?hollandaisea��. Or, you can get a paleo coconut and seafood broth, and spinach and millet soup from the soup section. Sandwiches are made with gluten-free bread, and come in options such as smoked tomato and brie, and soy marinated tofu and spinach, among others.
    When it comes to being healthy, salads come first to mind, and the menu sure packs in a punch. We tried the grilled peach and papaya salad with amaranth granola. Not only is it super tasty, ita��s also generously portioned. And the nutty flavours of seeds thrown in added a lovely texture. Try the millet upma, which comes loaded with zucchini, bell peppers, and raisins. And it has rocket leaves in it too. And then therea��s gnocchi made with jowar!
    For main course, the nachini tart, with broccoli, bell peppers, and zucchini, is delicious. The crumbly tart was spot on. The pan-roasted jerk chicken with grilled vegetables, served with red rice is recommended. The chicken is tender, and rice is full of flavours.
    We also tried the almond milk and spirulina pannacotta for dessert a�� ita��s smooth and simply melts in the mouth. Plus the orange and cardamom sauce lends it the most delicious flavour.
    `1,200++. 9 am-11 pm.
    At Indiranagar
    (25200898) and Lavelle
    Road (41276272)
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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