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    Sealing her spot in the limelight this year with an Academy Award, and now controlling a team in the first female-led spinoff of CBSa��s most popular series, Patricia Arquette plays Avery Ryan, an FBI cyber psychologist on CSI: Cyber. Playing the feisty special agent, Arquette says that the show is a bit different. a�?Wea��ve seen a cop with a gun and known murder for decades, and there are cases of murder on this first series, but there are other kinds of crimes,a�? she notes, adding that the crimes themselves have evolved and become more chilling. a�?This is what criminals are doing, and we as a public dona��t even know what theya��re capable of. So I think ita��s pretty exciting and terrifying to know what it is,a�? Arquette explains, saying it is like educating oneself.
    As Ryan, her character is maternal but can be a bit strict. a�?She has this ability to be cold and observant of people, but then also be warm with people at different times. Shea��s a complicated person,a�? says the Oscar-winner (for her role in Richard Linklatera��s acclaimed Boyhood). Smart, with good instincts, Arquette feels that the show has come in at just the right time. a�?I think this is perfect timing. Sometimes people say a�?Oh your shows are ripped from the headlines?a�� Not really, but sometimes wea��ll be in the middle of a show and then the story will come out. These guys are working with law enforcement. Theya��re working with specialists in the field, writing stories ahead of news cycles about what people know and are capable of doing.a�?
    Her character is based on cyber psychologist Mary Aiken, in the way that she profiles people who are in the technology sector of crime. a�?It is really different than regular criminals on the street. Their tool a�� the whole tool kit is different. Aiken has also helped the White House, helped Interpol and dealt with child and sex trafficking; shea��s done important things on Earth,a�? Arquette claims, elaborating that she finds the jargon tough! a�?All this techno speak was so hard to do. Luckily these kids are a bit better than I am at it,a�? she jokes.
    The series begins in India with an unusual kidnapping which could be a frightening episode for parents, warns the actor. It also stars James Van der Beek, Peter MacNicol, Charley Koontz, and Hayley Kioko. Watch out for Arquettea��s sister, Rosanna, in a guest role soon.
    Starts June 13, at 10 pm on AXN.


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