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    The Brew Room and The Postbox, collaborate to introduce their ‘Social Blend’ concept.

    Two city-based brands want to kickstart a dialogue about improving Chennai’s cultural fabric.  “Social Blend is a concept that revolves around creating a spot where folks from different walks of life—musicians, filmmakers, photographers, artists and the like—can come together to utilise our space to host talks, workshops and even meet future collaborators,” begins Rishika Reddy, business head of The Brew Room, elaborating that the inaugural event to mark this initiative is ‘The Malabar Brew’, a communal dinner planned for this Sunday. It will also launch The Brew Room’s new menu and showcase ‘Aurma’, their collaborator, The Postbox’s, new ceramic ware line.

    Brewing ideas
    Though they’ve organised unique fund-raising art events like Art of the Matter in the past, the cultural significance of the ‘Social Blend’ lies in the vision to create a structured support system for creative minds. The idea took root when Reddy noticed Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar and Nikhil Joseph, founders of The Postbox, were frequenting her 2,100 sq ft outlet to hold business meetings and brainstorming sessions rather than within their own office space. “As compared to Delhi, which boasts spots like Social Offline, Chennai’s cultural community-building activities are still at a nascent stage. We want to change this. Every two weeks, we plan to host a session where people can gather to learn out-of-the box creative arts, including food styling, speciality gift wrapping and cross-stitching,” explains Reddy, adding that the space may also host inspirational talks by people behind unique startups like Arture, which create eco-friendly cork accessories.

    Table talk
    Invitations for ‘The Malabar Brew’ have been sent to the city’s top influencers, including photographer G Venket Ram, filmmaker Gautham Menon and racer Armaan Ebrahim. Reddy promises a culinary fiesta as no one can come up with great ideas on an empty stomach. The Brew Room’s staff have planned an elaborate five-course dinner to highlight their reengineered menu, with delights like khow suey (Burmese noodle dish) served in The Postbox’s new Kerala-inspired ceramics, shaped like vallams (boats) and banana leaves.
    By invite only. Details: facebook.com/themalabarbrew

    —Anoop Menon


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