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    For those who like to know how their meal is made, Foodology provides the perfect setting

    They call it a studio kitchen and some of you might think of it as a place where you can learn to cook. But Foodology to us is Shree Periakaruppan’s answer to those who like to do more than just order from a menu while dining out. After Arnav Bajoria’s Soul Kitchen that offers a bespoke meal at his private kitchen-cum-dining space on RK Salai, comes studio kitchen in Besant Nagar, where you get to participate in a two-hour hands on cooking session with Periakaruppan and her assistants, before sitting down to eat what you’ve cooked.

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    A native of Chennai, Periakaruppan moved to the US with her family in 2000, where she was the director of a tech firm. While there, she took up classes in various cuisines and decided to put all that knowledge to use on returning to Chennai. Foodology is spacious — perfect for a group of six and sufficient for 12 — and has three tables set up for the prep work, cooking and dining. But thanks to Periakaruppan’s busy schedule (she still works as a techie), the space is open to bookings only on weekends. The sessions are pre planned and could be for a closed group, family, kids, couples or corporates (team building through cooking — again, the tech background at play) too. Periakaruppan has done around seven sessions since launching in March, and she assures us that even those who do not know a thing about cooking end up surprised at what they create, and have fun doing it. And while sessions for kids are open to  six-year-olds and above, she also does special sessions for younger kids, provided they are accompanied by a parent.

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    “We usually start with creating a welcome drink (a mocktail) and then create a starter, main course and a dessert,” says Periakaruppan, who has conducted sessions for pizza, Thai and sushi (even frushi — the version with fruits), among others. Of course, you will have to give her a minimum notice of about four days, as sourcing ingredients (as in the case of sushi) can be difficult. Foodology also has a dedicated Facebook page and website, with a detailed events calendar. Designed by Periakaruppan herself, the site has an online booking and card payment facility. Coming up next at Foodology, is a five-day summer camp for kids, starting in May.

    Four-course sessions from Rs. 2,000 for adults and Rs. 800 for kids. Details: foodology.in

    — Ryan Peppin


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