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    RJ Senthil, arrested? To find out more about the a�?storya�� behind my dear frienda��s capture, I caught up with Sushmita Chakkungal, AVP cluster programming head at Radio Mirchi.

    How did RJ Senthil get arrested? And what is Sutta Kadhai?
    Sutta Kadhai is our new syndicated night show to be hosted by Mirchi Senthil. Considering the competitive and polarised media scenario in the state, we are often limited in the visibility that we get in other conventional media space. So, to break that, we devised a different launch teaser. Riding on the popularity of RJ Senthil, we created a video that showed his arresta��strategically planned with a media housea��and the same was released as breaking news. It was a huge gamble that paid off. The curiosity the video created has been overwhelming.

    What is the show about?
    The show, Sutta Kadhai with Senthil, airs between 9 pm and 11 pm. True to its name, ita��s about storytelling. The genesis behind the show is that RJ Senthil, a seasoned radio jockey, tends to make a story out of everything. So ita��s everyday happenings made into pleasant stories. Its USP is the inspiring thought that Senthil will leave you with every night.

    How has the response been?
    Storytelling is a time-tested formula. The challenge is in the delivery. We are absolutely thrilled by the initial responses from listeners.

    Whata��s next from Mirchi?
    What excites us currently is the a�?comedy nightsa�? activity that we are planning across Chennai and other cities. It will showcase live performances by established comedians. We are also experimenting with short films in the digital space. Super Star Wars was the first full-fledged digital film we made this month and we are hoping to release a minimum of one every month.
    Catch the all-new Sutta Kadhai with Senthil, Mondays through Saturdays. See you next week.

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