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    LAUNCHED in New York last month, Raden bags are made of durable polycarbonate and come with location tracking, automatic self weighing handle and USB charging. In posh shades like hunter green, lavender and black, deals include a 22a�? spinner for under Rs 20,000 and a 28a�? and 22a�? spinner for only Rs 39,500*. We got Radena��s millennial CEO, Josh Udashkin, to tell us why his brand rocks:

    What according to you is the anatomy of the perfect suitcase?
    One that seamlessly blends tech-enabled utility with beautiful design a�� something Ia��m proud to say we accomplished at Raden. Travellers will be moving quicker than ever as we have access to more technology, but how will the technology and luggage speak to one another? Ita��s up to a brand to connect the dots for travellers.
    Will Raden succeed where others have faltered?
    Wea��ll succeed in being a traveller-first brand that combines technology and design. Ita��s also about those delightful moments that our travellers will experience with Raden, such as having our app notify them that their case is currently headed to the luggage carousel. Raden helps ease the frustrations associated with traveling. Nobody likes paying overage fees, and nobody likes landing at an airport with a dead cellphone battery, and we help alleviate those pains with our cases and app.
    Currently shipping to the US and Canada. Raden.com


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