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    An action star gets sultry, Taylor Swift gets attacked at the Grammys and puppy love reigns supreme

    Total dogma
    In Budweisera��s ad Puppy Love, Don Jeanes reprises his role at the Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, raising Clydesdale horses, as actress Melissa Keller plays the owner of a puppy adoption center next door. A determined Labrador keeps escaping the kennel to come visit his best friend a�� horse. An unsuspecting adopter is in for a surprise when the horses gang up against him, and the pup eventually finds his way back to the stables. Passengera��s hit song, Let Her Go is the sound track for the video that has racked up 41,194,867 views thus far.

    Taylor made
    Taylor Swift seems to be the new queen of parody. Despite her song, All To Well being considered her best, her performance of it at the Grammys was more entertaining for her head banging. Citizens of Cyberia took the opportunity to make a video which introduces 1987 arcade game Street Fighter character Ryu. Timed perfectly to seem like Ryu is kicking or punching Swift as she head bangs, the animation is doing the rounds along with a clip of Swifta��s strange dance at the show. The video is called Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys.

    Adding fuel
    Action hero Vin Diesel is clearly a fan of the Grammys but has proved hea��s not a dancer with a seven-minute black and white video clip. The hilarious yet cringe-worthy clip shows the actor bouncing and bobbing to Katy Perrya��s Dark Horse before upping his sexy ante with sultry moves to Beyoncea��s Drunk Love. Dressed in his trademark surfer shorts and white tee, it is quite entertaining and adorable to watch the macho star bust some moves. Watch the video on his official Facebook page.

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