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The city enjoyed hosting a business forum that turned out into a bonding zone

Rekha Mahajan’s interactive session at Park Hyatt was well received by the FICCI FLO members. The zeal and enthusiasm of Rekha influenced several participants positively. Rituu, dressed in red, pushed the boundary of popularly accepted colours at such corporate forums. A red suit accompanied with a carefully designed stole spoke volumes about this confident lady. Sudha in a bold blue saree depicted the firmness and yet the ease required in the world of business.
The city also enjoyed a a�?Rock & Rolla�� kitty party. Hosts Priyanka and Sahil in pink and blue charmed their guests with the hospitality and fun. Birthday fun can be crazy and who else can better showcase then the city’s evergreen couple Karen and Nitin. Nitin’s birthday celebrations at their Club House had the city’s elite present in good number.
Birthday Boy Nitin chose to define elegance by turning up dressed in white with a dash of pink. Karen dressed in a long flow with myriad of colors was about how love fills the vibrancy in life. Yashwant matched well with the spirits of upcoming International Yoga Day. A cool orange shirt just accessorised his ever dynamic persona. All in all, with the annual monsoon ball event at Park Hyatt, the city enjoyed an engaging week.


(The writer runs her own organic A�cafe, spa, salon Meghavi and is a A�people’s person with a finger on the pulse of the city’s happenings)


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