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Two shows that take you around the world this season

Not planning to head anywhere this holiday season? Fret not, there are some interesting shows on your TVa��While Patrick and Kylie on Fox Traveller take you on a gastronomical adventure, Nat Geo paints a great picture of the Northeast. And who knows, these shows might give you an idea to pack your bags and book that holiday.

Nat Geo: Mission Northeast: Discover the beautiful terrain of the Northeast through the eyes of 10 young photographers, who will compete to get a picture clicked by them on the cover of the National Geographic magazine. Every Saturday at 10 pm.
Fox Travellera��When Patrick met Kylie: Patrick Drake is an English chef with a passion for Italian food. Kylie Flavell is an Australian food and travel writer who has made Italy her home. Together, they explore Italy to understand how the locals really live and what they eat. Premiered on May 2 at 9.30 pm.

a�� Sumitra Nair


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