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    Sketch, create, tweak and virtually try on the rocks with Kirtilalsa�� new app

    When Kirtilal K Mehta, the founder of Kirtilals, set up his first store in Coimbatore in 1939, he lovedA� visiting customersa�� homes with a designer in towa��to help convert their ideas into beautiful jewellery. Today, with jewellery customisation becoming the new mantra, Kirtilals is melding the new with the traditional using their new iPad application. a�?With the app, customers can virtually try on over 10,000 designs and choose what resonates with their personality,a�? says Suraj Shantakumar, director of business strategy. But what hea��s most excited about is how the app can help customers create new looks. a�?At Kirtilals we have a unique a�?Loungea�� concept, where customers can sit with designers, browse through our entire data base (over three lakh designs), and draw up their own pieces. These are then loaded on to the app, giving them a chance to immediately see how the final piece will look and allowing them to fine tune it furthera��from settings to flexibility,a�? he says, adding that this facility is available across all their branches.

    Taking the app forward, they are looking at creating something for mobile phone users. a�?If the technology allows it, we plan to offer virtual trials on the phone app (compatible with all leading platforms). We will also link e-commerce with it,a�? he says, signing off with a call to visit the store. a�?Ita��s our 75th anniversary and we have a limited-period offer on diamond jewellerya��Rs. 10,000 off per carat.a�? Details: kirtilals.com

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