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    Birder and documenter, Prabha Bob tells us about the feathered friends to watch out for this season

    Prabha Bob started bird watching 15 years ago. a�?I stayed in a Boat Club apartment when I returned to Chennai from Bhopal and observed a lot of birds there,a�? says the principal consultant at a tech firm, who, since then, has documented when migratory birds make their way to the city every year. Hoping to make time and take up a course on ornithology at the Bombay Natural History Society soon, Bob currently takes sessions on bird watching for children a�� like the one at Ashvita Bistro today, where a group of youngsters will learn to identify birds by their call. Bob, who will also conduct games to teach the children about the diets of these feathered friends, shares a few pointers on where to go to catch a glimpse of some migratory birds this season.

    Pallikaranai wetland: This marsh near the coast ranks top on her list. If youa��re lucky, youa��ll get to see the group of Flamingos that have made their way there this year. Other birds to watch out for are the Pelicans, Grey Herons, Egrets, Glossy Ibis, Black-winged Stilts, Sand Piper, Drongo and Painted Stork among others.

    Nanmangalam Lake: Further South of the marsh, this lake attracts Pied Kingfishers, Cattle Egrets, Little Egrets, Pond Herons and Snipes at this time of year.

    Boat Club: The city too has a few green pockets, like the Boat Club area, where you can spot Barbets, Kingfishers, Parakeets, Coucals and Sunbirds. If you have the patience, head to the Theosophical Society, where if lucky, you will get to see the Magpie-robin, a rare visitor.
    The workshop at Ashvita Bistro begins at 6 pm today. For kids from nine to 15 years old. Details: 42109990, 9791088189

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