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    Why you shouldna��t miss the many artistic outings in public places, all a part of Art Chennai

    The largest art festival in the city, Art Chennai, celebrating modern and contemporary art, returned last week. In its third edition, the event sees several art installations by artists from different parts of the country. Our pick of four, on display at different venues, tillA�February 16:

    Life in a metro
    Liberation of Confinement, artwork by Sachin George Sebastian, is based on the metropolis. a�?We see the city growing like a monster. There are large numbers of people coming to the cities. The density of the city throws the flimsy existence of the individual in sharp contrast,a�? says the artist. At Ascendas Tech Park, till February 16.

    Sense of small
    Benitha Perciyal will have paintings, sculptures and jewellery on show. She celebrates the sense of small. a�?Art is in between, it has got more to do with design, sense and feeling. All my exhibits are made of natural material,a�? says the artist. At Bergamo Mall, till February 16.

    Bronze beauty
    City favourite Asma Menon has two shows a�� at Amethyst and Chamiers. a�?I have two bronze installations but would rather call them sculptures as they are in the small format. I like the one which looks like a dog from one side and like a cat from the other, depending on the lighting.a�? Till February 16.

    Colour mix
    Reena Kallat from Mumbai has a gate made of metal, sacred thread, a fly zapper with UV florescent tubes and an electrified grid. At Art Houz, till february 26.

    – Mrinalini Sundar


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