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    The famous Juan Amador will be taking guests on a sensory journey at The Leela Palace

    Known to be equally at ease with both fancy molecular gastronomy equipment and his hand-forged Kyoti Aritsugu knife, Juan Amador is a perfectionist. The three Michelin-star chef, one of Germanya��s most popular culinary wizards, and known for his foie gras ice cream among other things, is in the city today to create an unforgettable experience for Mercedes-Benz customers. Talking about his avant-garde cuisine, he shares his challenges and favourite food destinations:


    You match wit and technique to create a sensory journey on the plate. A rule of thumb?
    Everything is intuitive, and I try to remain faithful to myself.

    Given your knowledge of Spanish wine and olive oil, some recent discoveries?
    Ame olive oil and wine from Jorge OrdoA�ez, as the taste is great and they have their own style.

    Has Ferran Adriaa��s Notes on Creativity , where he shares his creative process, inspired you to follow suit?
    Just before Christmas, we published the cookbook Tapas y Snacks and are planning on publishing more.

    Outstanding creations?
    From the Back to Roots series, Mieral-Pigeon with mango and purple curry. It was challenging as I wanted to combine Asian and Oriental flavours, but stay loyal to my style of cuisine and also not overwhelm our German guests.

    Favourite food destinations?
    Copenhagen, as they offer real Nordic cuisine. Tokyo, for the real Asian cuisine. And Mannheim, as we are located there, in a former doll factory.

    Tell us about your love for cars, planes and gadgets?
    I was born in Stuttgart, also called the Benz town. My father and I both drive Mercedes-Benz cars as they are the best. I also compare my cuisine to Mercedes-Benz: decent design, perfect technique and always a step ahead. I enjoy photography and flying, and have worked on getting a pilota��s license. But the only and most important gadget I want right now is something that gives me more time!

    Juan Amador will be marking the launch of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury sedan with fine German cuisine at The Leela Palace, from 7 pm today. By invitation only.

    As told to Rosella Stephen


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