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    Exploring emotions, storyteller Vikram Sridhar is in the city to conduct aA� session for adults.

    HAVING conducted storytelling sessions in the city for children, 32-year-old Vikram Sridhar from Bengaluru now wants to reach out to adults. He has teamed up with Ashvita to present a session that will include tales (in English) drawn from life, mythology and history. The stories, sourced from around the country, including Manipur, Sikkim and Assam, will explore relationships and emotions, shares Sridhar. a�?Earlier, people used to sit on thinnais (verandahs) and tell stories, which brought everyone in the neighbourhood together,a�? says the co-founder of Tahatto, a Bengaluru-based theatre company, who turned storyteller four years ago. Hea��d like to revive that sense of camaraderie.
    Beyond clichA�s
    His initiative, Around The Story Tree, attempts to break the stereotypes that surround traditional stories. a�?For instance, we stereotype cunningness as a trait of the fox, and as an animal lover, I have a problem with that. Storytelling becomes a strong tool for me to talk about these things, where I keep the emotions constant and make the characters variablea��like having a cat instead of a fox to represent cunning,a�? he explains, adding that he sees the art form as a specialisation of theatre.
    Having conducted several sessions for adults in Bengaluru, he says hea��s seen more of them willing to share their storiesa��what theya��ve read, heard or experienced. Which stories made an impact on him? a�?Those told by my grandparents about their personal struggle in bringing up their children. These helped me understand my lineage,a�? he shares.

    On June 4, at Ashvita Nirvana, from 7 pm. Rs 250. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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