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Sway to fusion, as UKa��s Rob Heron and The Tea Pad Orchestra brings its music to town

Head to Windmills Craftworks this weekend as the UK band Rob Heron and The Tea Pad Orchestra takes the stage to charm Bengalurua��s music buffs in their first concert in the country. With thousands of touring miles under their belts, the band has earned themselves a sizeable fan base in Europe and beyond.

Though they are based in Newcastle, they play their own brand of gypsy jazz, country music, blues and Western swing. a�?We play a mix of country music and traditional American music, however, we add a British twist to it through lyrics, topics for the songs, etc. I like country music because it is honest, and talks about everyday life and troubles; it can be happy or sad, it can make you dance or cry,a�? Heron says.

Their style is eclectic, and their music promises to take the audience back to the golden age while staying perfectly modern. The songs are penned by Heron, a self-professed fool for country music and is believed to be a full time dandy-cowboy. When asked about his love for horse riding, he laughs, a�?I was considering playing along with this rumour, but I will tell the truth. Although I might dress like a cowboy from the movies of the 1950s, I am not one. I collect a�?western weara�� and anything with a cowboy on it, but I cannot ride a horse, and I dona��t work on a ranch. I spend most of my time rounding up my band, not cattle.a�?

But ita��s true that Herona��s songs are full of character, satire and good old fashion hollerina��. a�?I like to write songs about things that affect me personally, things that are closer to home. For instance, we have songs about the UK taxes, landlords, TV/radio, etc. These are things that affect the everyday person. We play honest music for honest people,a�? he says.

As for the performance in Bengaluru, Heron says, a�?The best way to experience our music is to come and see it live, have a good time, and talk to us after.a�? November 20 and 21. At Whitefield. 9.30-11.30 pm. Tickets (Rs.500) upwards on bookmyshow.com
a�� Nandini Kumar


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