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Indie music meets traditional folk A�in never-before collaborations with big wigs and amateurs on Sound Trek

Get ready for round two of Soundtrek, FOX Lifea��s popular production that brings together tunes of the past with contemporary beats. Expect an eclectic selection of musicians like Uday Benegal, Euphoria, Hipnoribe and Swarathma. Swirled up Bolly-wood classics like Khoya Khoya Chand and Hawa Hawai promise local favour. Swati Mohan, programming head, NGC Network India and Fox International Channels says of the 18-episode series, a�?The season is about the inspiration that producers and hosts experience through their trek in the city, that influences the track.a�?
This season, Hipnotribe from Mumbai, will be doing a version of Saregama. a�?At first, we were apprehensive because of the Bollywood tag, but when we were satisfied that we had complete creative control, then it actually became even more exciting for us,a�? shares the guitarist, Paresh Kamath. Meanwhile, members of Nasya, a Sufi rock band from New Delhi, are also expecting change as Ashish Chauhan, drummer and vocalist, affirms, a�?The show is giving a lot of attention to underground musicians. That is what drew us to this show a�� the idea of collaborating with local musicians and working on a song which has been iconic,a�? he enthuses.
Gurdeep Mehndi, son of famed singer Daler Mehndi, will bring in some quirky modern beats to old-school ragas with instruments like the dhol, tasha, nagada and sarangi and insists that, a�?For me and for the audience, it is very important to understand the basics and from which part of the world does that music originate,a�? Gurdeep adds.
Speaking of being a a�?locala�� band, Fossils, a Bangala rock band from Kolkata says, a�?We make music in a vernacular language so we understand how reaching out to a broader audience can be difficult for local artistes. This will change that,a�? says guitarist and vocalist Allan Ao.
Mondays and Tuesdays, starting September 1, at 10 pm on FOX Life.
a�� Aakanksha Devi


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