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    Actor Jessica Pearson talks about being in control in Suits

    The fifth season of Suits comes with a lot of promise. Ita��s going to be game changing, with intense twists, promise the makers. This legal drama series, set in a law firm (Pearson Hardman) in NYC, is about Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) who works with Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and how the two close case after case.
    Gina Torres, who plays Jessica Pearson, the boss of the firm, talks about the new season, and playing the leader of the pack. We ask if ita��s satisfying to play the boss in a macho corporate world? a�?When you get to look like this a�� absolutely! One of the things I love about this character is that as much as she is in charge and in a mana��s world, she does not shortchange her femininity or her womanhood to be that. Therea��s never ever a doubt in your mind that she is in full possession of who she is,a�? says Torres.
    But it also means that we never really get to see her weaker side, isna��t it? a�?Pearson cana��t afford to show her vulnerable side. But her firm is her vulnerability. Ita��s what shea��s dedicated her life to. So whenever it comes under fire or ita��s being threatened, which is every day and every season, she rallies, and tries to figure out how to mitigate the damage,a�? add the actor.
    Ita��s difficult not to ask Torres this: does she think ita��s hard for a woman in a law firm, as it is for them in Hollywood? Pat comes the reply, a�?I think ita��s hard for women, period. But wea��re hardwired to push through whatever our expectations may be, whether they are societal, emotional or personal, and work towards self?fulfillment. And so if using your femininity in such a way that it objectifies you a�� thata��s never a good thing. But if ita��s coming from a place of ownership and knowing, you walk into the room with that. And I think thata��s wonderful.a�?


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