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    Viola Davis brings to life the seemingly stony character of aA�law professor

    Law Professor Annalise Keating is no stranger to murder. But it takes on a whole new meaning on the latest legal soap series, How To Get Away With Murder. The talented Viola Davis plays the strong character, a role she was drawn to instantly, she says. Returning after a long winter break, the show has picked up post the revelation that it was Annalisea��s student Wes who killed her husband, Sam. Davis tells us that she doesna��t know what the next step in her role is. a�?This is new for me so I really dona��t know where it is going. But as an actress of 26 years, I can control who she is as a person, what her memories are, what her past is, what emotions she is covering up,a�? reveals the critically acclaimed actor, who recently won the Peoplea��s Choice Award for her portrayal of Annalise.
    Crediting the role for a�?bringing her back to lifea�� as an actor, Davis says any hesitation in taking on the role, was due to hectic TV schedules hampering family time. a�?Ia��m always thinking: Am I going to see my daughter? And, of course, a part of me that wants to sleep for 12 hours a day,a�? she laughs.
    Describing her role as sexy, mysterious and messy, she tells us that the seriesa�� title was planned. a�?If you can afford a good attorney, you can literally get away with murder,a�? she reveals adding that shea��s happy for people to call Annalise the anti-hero. Admitting she is completely different from her character, Davis explains, a�?There is nothing about her, except the basic human need to feel loved that you can compare me to.a�?
    And the morals of Annalise? a�?Ia��m always confused when people say that. I found her to be a realistic protagonist. I find her to be very human, as we all are, in that we all have grey areas. In fact, that was the attraction,a�? she signs off.
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