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    Maati Baani on their newfound global fame and the road ahead.

    While it may have taken a cover of Michael Jacksonai??i??s hit 1991 song, Heal The World, for Maati Baaniai??i??s popularity to skyrocket, the musical duo have been churning out successful YouTube hits since 2012.

    Going beyond the narrow tag of a ai???desi fusion outfitai???, Nirali and Karthik Shah have proven their mettle by pulling off the mammoth task of recording MJai??i??s hit with 40 child prodigies across the globe, and getting 40 million views.

    With performances along side Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman and composers Clinton Cerejo and Mithoon, the Mumbai-based has outfit carved an online space of their own with over 7,581,502 hits. Speaking of their claim to fame, Shah says, ai???Maati Baaniai??i??s vision has always been to create original songs from around the world that have no limitations in terms of genres,culture, and language.ai???

    Big with the music of their influencers, from Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd to home-grown Oscar winning talent A R Rahman, the duo are partial to covers. ai???Cover songs get more eyeballs than originals since they are heavily marketed. Artists, however, need to strive to do originals, as thatai??i??s their identity in the long run,ai??? he adds.

    Making their YouTube debut in 2012 with Mitwa, an original composition, the couple are wrapping up 2016 with their first web-series, The Music Yantra. ai???We had Arab YouTube sensation Alaa Wardi and Australian musician Linsey Pollak on board for the project,ai??? says Shah.

    Riding a high following Jammin Live initiative with Rahman, the couple are exploring collaborations beyond the boundaries of music. ai???We would love to work with film directors like Thai director Thanonchai Sornsriwichai and Bejoy Nambiar (of Wazir fame) for our future videos,ai??? he says.

    Details: youtube.com/maatibaani

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