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    Rachel Blooma��s upcoming romcom breaks stereotypesA�

    At some point in life, wea��ve all been given not-so-likeable a�?labelsa�� by our folks, friends, and even strangers, with tags ranging from a�?weirda�� and a�?dominatinga�� to a�?introverteda��. So when Lawyer Rebecca Bunch, played by Rachel Bloom, is labelled a�?crazya��, she chooses to set the record straight. This forms the crux of upcoming musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. On the show, as the title indicates, Bunch moves from New York to California in pursuit of her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Felix Chan. She gives up her cushy job in the process, and goes on to join Darryl Whitefeathera��s law firm in West Covina. But the show delves into far more serious issues than just Buncha��s a�?crazy movea��. It aims to deconstruct stereotypes. Here, the protagonist suffers from depression, and anxiety, and thata��s one of the reasons she is called a�?crazya��. Bloom tells us about the romcom, which she has co-created along with Aline Brosh McKenna, a�?We wanted to take a title that is overtly stereotypical, and explore what that means from the eyes of a person who is labelled crazy. The show explores what this a�?crazya�� means, what has made Bunch crazy, and if she actually is crazy. She is also trying to fit into the label of being sexy, of being a good person, and importantly she is trying to show the world that she is happy, and the hero of her story.a�?
    Bloom, who has lifted the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for this show, continues, a�?We have also tried breaking the stereotypes of other characters. For instance, Buncha��s boss is a bumbling sort of character, but we will find out that he is much more than that. There is a boy who is thought to be a jerk, but he is actually a sweet person.a�?
    The series has also earned a YouTube following for its risque music videos. a�?Every song has a premise, and is organic to the characters involved,a�? Bloom points out.
    When asked why viewers should tune in to the show, she says, a�?It is about infatuation, and there is no emotion more universal than this.a�?
    Premieres on April 25. 10 pm on Star World and Star World HD

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