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    Positioning itself as a living museum, House of Heirloom in New Delhi offers bespoke  luxe with traditional roots

    Pegging his latest venture as a revivalist project, Rahul Singh, creative director and the man behind House of Heirlooms (HoH), insists we should slow down, take a step back in time and notice the finer intricacies of our culture. “We have, for the most part, ignored our treasures in favour of mass-produced, West-influenced, luxury goods,” says the former equity lawyer, who used to spend all his free time in the art galleries of Delhi and at the National Museum, and decided to switch careers when he realised that pursuing his interest in art was more fulfilling than a successful career.

    Bespoke elegance
    The Delhi-based home décor store strives to bring back custom-made opulence with a high degree of craftsmanship that Singh describes as “a display and celebration of Indian designs which is niche in format. We have attempted to bring back the skilled ethos of work and make each piece—be it art, linen or furniture—exclusive.” Look out for their dining table in mother of pearl and side tables in lapiz lazuri— part of their upcoming collection.

    Before opening HoH’s doors on July 18, Singh travelled across India and abroad. “For a year-and-a-half, I worked with master craftsmen, gaining knowledge and creating unique pieces,” says the 30-year- old.

    Creating trends
    Aiming for a cultural revival, where customisation is preferred over repertoire, the pieces in the store are transcreations of heirlooms. Most of HoH’s products are designed by Singh—be it the handwoven bed linen that takes 600 man hours or The Pearl Odyssey, a Chesterfield bed adorned with pearls. Also offering antique restoration services—like the store’s central piece, a 3,000 kg facade (belonging to the family)—Singh adds that he is interested in such restorations as they reflect home owner’s personality.

    Singh believes that his karigars (craftsmen) are the true stars, though they don’t have a label to speak of. “As for established names, we work with some of the largest export houses in the country — Amit Pascricha, with whom we are reinterpreting photography (think images printed on silk screen and ceilings), Poonam Bhagat and Meera Mahdevia in the world of fashion,” he concludes.

    Customers can visit the store on an appointment-only basis. HoH also delivers on request. At Friends Colony. Bespoke chandeliers from `1,00,000 onwards. Details: houseofheirloom.com

    —Preethi Ann Thoma


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