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    Anyone can act as Crea-Shakthi proves with their 48-day exercise, Cutting Chai-Putting Scene

    GET into tip-top theatre shape in just 45 days? Seems impossible, but Chennai-based theatre group Crea-Shakthia��s first ever Spotlight Initiative has converted 28 enterprising young theatre greenhorns into confident performers who will be strutting their acting chops on stage this weekend. Named Cutting Chai-Putting Scene, the performers will be staging 18 short plays in two shows, assisted by five directors, on June 28.

    Crea-Shakthia��s very own Campus Initiatives proved to be the stepping stone for this initiative according to the creative head of the theatre group, Dushyanth Gunashe-khar. a�?Our Campus Initiative has helped feed a lot of mainstream theatre in Chennai. But every campus has its limitationsa�� like all-womena��s colleges dona��t have male actors, for example. Thata��s why the Spotlight Initiative came about,a�? says Gunashekhar.

    The 45-day period saw several workshopsa��scriptwriting, acting, sets and lights, directinga��conducted by experienced theatre hands like playwright Nikhila Kesavan and veteran actor P C Ramakrishna. a�?In two years, one of our directors has gone from directing college plays to directing veterans in a Madras Players play. If we can achieve that kind of growth by just hitting the campuses, opening our doors to all of Chennai and welcoming anyone who is interested will change everything,a�? adds Gunashekhar.

    Two shows are scheduled for June 28 at 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm, with nine short plays each. At the Music Academy Mini Hall. Strictly for 16+. The tickets are priced at `200.A� Details: 98404 20981

    Janane Venkatraman


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