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    Production teams
    and the audience
    converge to delve
    into theatre history

    CALLING it the citya��s first theatremaker
    and audience confluence,
    Atta Galatta teams up with theatre
    outfit Tahato for a two-day meet
    that will engage theatre lovers
    through panel discussions, demolectures,
    and performances. a�?We
    are calling it a confluence as we are
    not just celebrating plays. We are
    examining the roots of theatre
    through various activities,a�? says
    Lakshmi Shankar, co-owner of
    Atta Galatta.
    The speakers and performers
    include playwrights, artistes,
    actors, and the audience. Some of
    them are Vijay Padaki, Anurupa
    Roy, Abhishek Majumdar, Vivek
    Madan and Sharanya Ramprakash.
    a�?We have picked speakers with
    great care so as to involve the theatre
    community completely,a�?
    explains Tahato co-founder,
    Vikram Sridhar.
    Apart from the discussions,17CultureAnchor1
    there will be two performance each
    day. The first day will see Verse
    Versus Verse a�� an hour of dramatised
    performances of poems in
    English, Hindi and Kannada, and
    From Scratch will be a curated performance
    by clowning and mask
    performer, Puja Sarup from
    Mumbai, alongside musician
    Chris Avinash, who will collaborate
    only 24-hours in advance. Both
    evenings will see Moment of
    Memory by Visual Respiration, a
    performance for a limited audience
    as it is an intimate form of
    production. The panel discussions
    will talk about everything from
    failures in theatre to legacy (or
    even lack there of) of theatre.
    Concluding the event, C Sharp C
    Blunt by Flinn Theatre will be
    performed by M D Pallavi. So
    whether you are a writer,
    director, or volunteer, this is
    for everyone who wants to
    be a part of theatre.
    a�?Hopefully, the synergy
    will evolve and if the
    reaction is positive, wea��d
    love to hold it annually,a�?
    Sridhar concludes.
    July 18-19. At Atta
    Galatta, Koramangala.
    Details: 41600677
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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