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A new murder A�mystery takes A�centrestage this weekend

ShRUTI Keenia��s play, Meet The Consequences will finally make its public debut tomorrow. All this while, the murder-comedy had been staged at the Manipal University of Technology where the 21-year-old Keeni has recently graduated from. Set in a fictional town called Everywhere, it tells the story of five married couples, who are always competing for the title of the a�?best family/man/ladya��. A murder case brings them under the radar of suspicion of detective Padlock.
The production has been co-directed by her longtime friend, Prarthana Gupta, and it will also be the first showcase of their theatre venture, Litterbox Productions. Without giving away any more details, Gupta tells us that the play was written by Keeni five years ago, and is replete with humour. a�?Shruti has always been the funny and quirky one, and has a way with her words. So the script of the play reflects her personality,a�? says Gupta, a recent graduate of Christ University, where she studied theatre, pyschology and English.
The duo started prepping Meet The Consequences for its big debut a month ago, and ita��s been a smooth and memorable transition. a�?We (the cast and crew members) rehearse every morning for two hours, head out for breakfast together and get to know each other when we have the time. Some of the actors are our friends, whereas others are new in our circle and were selected through auditions. We are all between the age group of 22 to 26, so there is a lot of energy when we meet. And since ita��s a murder-comedy, rehearsals are nothing but funny.a�?
Keeni and Gupta are eagerly waiting to hear what their audiences think. a�?Since wea��re both interested in getting our mastera��s degrees, it might get a little difficult to concentrate on theater once our courses start. We already have a couple of scripts ready, but we want to wait for the audience response to this play and then take the next step,a�? says 22-year-old Gupta.

July 23. At
Alliance Francaise, Vasanth Nagar. 5.30 &
8 pm. Tickets (Rs 250) on bookmyshow.com

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