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    Online complaints draw hits, Bond returns and a diva makes a comeback

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    Perhaps the most popular website in the world, you simply cannot do without YouTube. But despite the plethora of music videos, trailers, entertainment, news and others videos they give us, some people still have complaints. So Barely Productions (a YouTube production company) returns with a real life enactment of the complaints users have. From why we have to watch ads in the middle of a stream to deceptive and inaccurate titles, they really make you wonder about the views and content creators who have a grouse against the free site. The video is called YouTube Complaints 2015. Make sure you read the complaints about the complaints video when youa��re watching it!
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    In the latest Spectre trailer, a cryptic message from the past sees James Bond (Daniel Craig) head off to Mexico City on rogue mission. From there, he goes across to Rome where he meets Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), the seductive widow of a dangerous criminal. When he infiltrates a dark organisation known as Spectre, he is shocked to see that he is connected to the leader of it. His chilling enemy is played by Christoph Waltz, who looks like he will again dominate in the acting department. Releases on November 6.
    Jackson returns
    Janet Jackson fans around the world can rejoice as the diva is back with her latest single and video. Teaming up with rapper J Cole for No Sleeep, this is the first lead single from her first original studio album in seven years. Shot in a mansion with photos from her childhood including family pictures, the clip naturally sees Jackson burst into a quick break dance. J Cole too makes an appearance towards the end of the music video. Soulful and romantic with Jacksona��s signature breathy soprano, this one looks to make it to the top of the audio charts as the video has already neared the four-million mark.
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