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    Nisha Thomas  specialises in colourful clothes and accessories for all ages

    The secret to multi-talented Nisha Thomas’ Crochet Corner is relaxation. “Crocheting keeps me happy,” smiles the Chennai-based entrepreneur. “It’s no secret though. With my two little girls, I basically crochet every spare minute I get,” she confesses. A marine biologist by qualification, Thomas’ online venture displaying her beautiful handcrafted work was an instant success. “I started posting pictures of my work on Facebook and the feedback was incredible. Soon I started getting orders for custom-made pieces.”

    For the uninitiated, this delicate handicraft incorporating a hook needle and yarn became popular in 19th century Europe. Its origins however, can be traced back to South America and Iran. “I was inspired to learn this art from my grandmother whose masterpieces still hang in our home,” Thomas, 30, tells us how she got started, adding that “suddenly crochet has become contemporary and chic.” What started as a hobby in college hostel “is now this business opportunity with so many requests.”

    This handicraft afficionado conjures up children’s clothes, hair accessories, add-ons for sandals, earrings, swimsuits and more. “My special tutu dresses for little girls are extremely popular,” says Thomas. She works alone for now but has big plans for Crochet Corner. ‘‘I would like to start an online boutique soon and start classes introducing youngsters to the fun part of crochet…it’s not just for grandmothers,” she laughs.

    Accessories from Rs 250 onwards. Apparel from Rs 850 onwards. Details: 9840520846,crochetc-orner.in@mail.com, facebook.com/CrochetCorner.NishaThomas

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