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    Bawarchi.com relaunches in a new avatar, with a database of 25,000 recipes and counting

    Arun Rajamani

    Arun Rajamani

    It goes without saying that the old must give way for the new (when it comes to technology at least). And it so happened that the team behind Sifya��s Bawarchi.com, decided to give the 15-year-old food recipe website a facelift this January. a�?We saw a steep rise in the content a�� around 25,000 recipes a�� and people accessing from different platforms,a�? says Arun Rajamani, head a�� portals, Sify Technologies. With the revamped site, they hope to enhance user experience, while making the site picture driven and focussing on community building (through social media sites) as well.

    Bawarchi is a bank of user-contributed recipes that are edited and curated by a team at Sify. With traffic flowing in primarily from tier one towns (around 20,000 visits a day, before the relaunch), the users are predominantly women, in the age group of 25 to 34. In the future, expect content with in-depth nutritional details and videos as well. And if you wish to contribute, provide your name and email address and send your recipe to them.

    a�?Users can send us food pictures along with the recipe,a�? Rajamani says, pointing out that Bawarchi is happy to link back to the blogs of contributors. Details: bawarchi.com

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