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    Earn brownie points, and redeem across platforms via this app 

    Anything can happen over a coffee. At least that’s how Crown-it was born. The app that lets customers collect crowns from local businesses in form of cashback, was conceptualised by Sameer Grover while sipping coffee in Delhi. “When we spoke to customers at the café, we asked if they would interested in a free coffee or discount at the café on their next visit, they didn’t seem to care much. But a student, said that if we offered him free talk time, he’d surely come back,” Grover recalls.
    The app also has a feature where users can use their crowns that can be redeemed while shopping online, buying movie tickets, recharging mobile phones, getting discounts on gym membership, etc. “People can also donate to charities through the app with the crowns they have earned. For instance, if you have cashback crowns from a hotel, you can use that to send a cheque to Chennai relief fund. We will facilitate this initiative,” Grover explains. Since their launch, the app has over 10,000 merchants on the app. “Our agenda is to ensure the consumers come back, and don’t become just one-time buyers. We are an online-to-offline company, and we will continue to target retail stores across India in the next three-four years across multiple categories like restaurants, bars, groceries, salons among others,” Grover concludes. Details: crownit.in
    — Nandini Kumar


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