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    Forget proverbial Hollywood royalty.These stars actually have blue-blooded connections that reach all the way up to Queen Elizabeth II

    All in the family
    Hollywood5cFamed Sherlock Holmes director Guy Ritchie shares the same great-grandparents, David Martineau and Sarah Meadows, with now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Ritchie, HRHa��s sixth cousin, is also close friends with Prince William and even got an invitation to the royal wedding in 2011. Incidentally, Ritchiea��s ex-wife, Madonna, is a fifth cousin of Camilla Parker Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall, while Queen of 90s Pop, Celine Dion also hails from the same family.

    True blood
    Hollywood3cHe made his name playing Edward,A� the vampire in the Twilight series, but Robert Pattinson is not just acting here. It comes naturally to him, as he is a distant relative of the real-life historical inspiration for the character Dracula a�� Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was a member of the House of Drculeti, a branch of the House of Basarab, in the then kingdom of Transylvania. And if that isna��t good enough for you to sink your teeth into, perhaps Pattinson being a distant cousin of Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, William, will seal this royal connection.
    Depp roots

    Hollywood1aHe may be the king of versatility, butJohnny Depp shares more than just the loveA�of pastels and holidays in Southern France with the Queen of England. According to Nick Barrat, a well-known English genealogist, Depp is the 20th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. Their connection dates back to the 14th century, Edward III.A�The British monarch is Edwarda��s 17-times great-grand daughter while Depp is a relative of Henry Percy, who died in 1489, and was four-times great grandson of the same Edward. Game of thrones, indeed.

    Grant a wish

    Hollywood2aHe could play anA� English royal any day and pass off as the real deal. Incidentally, Hugh Grant has not one but two connections to the monarchs of England. The Notting Hill star is reported to be related to Henry VII, the first monarch of the House of Tudor, on his maternal side while James IV, the King of Scotland, is also a distant ancestor. This makes him the ninth cousin of the current reigning monarch a�� Queen Elizabeth II.


    French connection
    Hollywood4aWhen on the show, Who Do YouA�Think You Are, Brooke Shields not onlyA� broke down about her struggles but alsoA� learned that she is quite closely connected to the English and French royalty. Having always known that she had links to Irish aristocracy, Shields was surprised to hear that she is directly related to King Henry IV and that Louis XIV was a cousin, many generations removed. No wonder she wanted to study French culture at university.

    -Aakanksha Devi


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