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The stand-up comedy night featuring Delhi’s funny man Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is targetted at a much ignored group – the 40-plus clubA�

When was the last time someone on the wrong side of 45 got invited to a martini night or a stand-up event? Considering the 20-plussers typically end up at these events, Tirun – India Representative of Celebrity Cruises is bringing in ‘Cruise to Comedy’ for this demographic. The event featuring Delhi stand-up comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia on Friday at ITC Kakatiya Hotel, Begumpet, promises to be an evening of outrageous laughter and fun with Hyderabad comics Avinash and Rajsekhar joining him.
Almost every weekend is a stand-up comedy evening in the city. So how different will the ‘Cruise to Comedy’ turn out to be? a�?The much-ignored demographic is what we are looking at. While they have a good time over comedy and martini, we want them to understand the cruise holiday concept. While there will not be a replication of a cruise as such, the spirit will certainly be,a�? says Varun Chadha, Chief Operating Officer, Tirun Travel Marketing who is bringing the event to the city.
From politicians to celebrities to socialites, anyone could be his punch bag, warns Jeeveshu Ahluwalia while adding that ‘anyone who talks much’ is his prey. a�?Many think they talk smart and hence can become standup comedians. Such people are who I go after,a�? he adds. a�?So if the audience is quiet, it will be a show for them. If they act smart, it will be a show on them,a�? he quips about the what one can expect from the show that hopes to have an audience of 300.
The artiste has performed in the city four times so far and thinks although standup is six years old and about two in the city. a�?YouTube is great leveller. So my audience in Hyderabad is as interesting and mature as the one in Mumbai,a�? he adds

Quick 5 with Jeeveshu
1. Rakhi Sawanta�?s #ModiOnDress: As long as she is wearing clothes, there is nothing much to say
2. Hashtags: Dona�?t do it in real life
3. Happy birthday wishes in WhatsApp groups: First, stop spelling birthday as birday. And HBD should be avoided like plague.
4. Smriti Irania�?s tweets: Madam, do your work and we will tweet about u. Save time. Dona�?t tweet.
5. Hyderabad audience: #LoveYou #ComeNChuckle
Details: 1800115464.

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