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Bidri is hosting a Himachal pop-up menu with a vast array of veg and non-veg dishes

Pop-up menus are finding favour in Hyderabad. Keeping this in mind, Bidri at Marriott Hyderabad has organised a pop-up menu of lesser-known mountain food straight from picturesque Himachal Pradesh. Whata��s more special about it that chef Sherry Malhotra, former Miss Shimla was there and cooked a vast platter of gourmet delights ranging from Channa Madra, Dahi Ke Chaanp to Onion Spinach Fritters and unheard of desserts like Khus Khus Aur Makhaney Kii Kheer.Marriott 3
We started from Channe Kii Tikki , a pan-fried chickpea galette. It had a tangy tomato filling. Next was Arbi Aur Moongphalli Kii Seekh; it was a colocassia and peanut kebabs grilled in tandoor. On the non-vegetarian platter were starters like Dahi Ke Chaanp which resembled and tasted like Tabak Maaz of Kashmir. Murgh Chaanp was unique marinated with paste of fenugreek and fennel seeds. What we liked best was Channa Madra: a light preparation of chickpeas cooked in yogurt, powdered spices and lotus seeds. We even cooked the same dish at the kitchen of Bidri. There were more dishes like Sepu Wadi, Maash Kii Daal and rotis like Babru. Our pick was Nashpati Kii Sabzi: ripe pears cooked with light condiments. Chef Sherry explained, a�?We use a lot of yogurt in our dishes and often soak pulses in dahi water.a�? Chef Yogendra Pal, too, was there. The dessert took the cake. We were served Khus Khus Aur Makhaney Kii Kheer – a sweet preparation of lotus seeds, poppy seeds in milk and other nuts. The festival entitled a�?Fresh Off the Mountainsa�� is on till February 28. Price per head: `1,400++ taxes (Non-veg). Details: 27522999
a�� Saima Afreen


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