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    Beat the heat with Avinash and Nisha Shroffa��s Paul Street cold coffees, in hazelnut and eclair flavours, no less

    PICTURE FOR INDULGE ANCHOR STORY BY RYAN. EXPRESS / R.SATISH BABUWhen garments exporter Avinash Shroff and his fashion designer wife Nisha decided to try their hand at the food business, inspiration came in the form of Paula��s cafe in London. So after working out the right blends and formulas for their cold coffee, the Shroffs paid tribute to their inspiration by naming their product after the cafe. a�?And we wanted our cold coffee to be available even at small shops on the street, unlike most others that are available only in cafes,a�? says Avinash, about his week-old Paul Street.
    Made from a secret blend of instant coffee powders by Hindustan Unilever, Avinash insists that while other bottled cold coffees have a longer shelf life, Paul Street lasts just 10 days and you can be sure of a fresh product. The couple also do a total of three flavours a�� original, hazelnut and eclair, again with their secret mix of popular syrup flavours.
    So where can you grab a bottle of Paul Street that has arrived just in time for summer? a�?We retail out of a chaat shop in Fountain Plaza called Ajnabi, Fusilli Reasons in Kilpauk and a petty shop inside Olympia Tech Park in Guindy,a�? Avinash shares. He also adds that once their FSSAI license comes through, more stand-alone outlets and retail chains like Nilgiria��s will be on their radar.
    Paul Street cold coffees are priced at `45 for 200ml. Details: 9840052754, 9566184804

    a�� Ryan Peppin
    Pics: R Satish Babu


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