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    French baker Saloua Sahl makes exotic flavoured cupcakes with quirky notes

    WHEN the chocolate, lemon and coconut Moustache Murugan cupcakes created a buzzA� at La Marina Fest last week, we decided to investigate. The sweet treats are part of a month-old brand Eat My Cake. This is a start-up by one of Pondicherrya��s few home bakersa��the very French Saloua Sahl. The 35-year-old makes traditional French pastries like Tarte Tatin besides apple pies and chocolate cakes. a�?I come from a generation where my mother used to cook every day, despite being a working woman. We did not like the concept of frozen food, and I have always been this person who likes good food. That was my first inspiration to bake and cook,a�? says Sahl, who started making cupcakes as a hobby with her friends, on a trip to San Francisco in 2010.
    Cake with a message
    1The cupcakes come in flavours like full chocolate, chocolate-coconut, orange and green lime, and Sahl tries to make something different every day. She promises a salt cupcake for an apA�ritif soon. a�?I use chocolate with minimum 65 per cent of cacao, organic sugar and flour,a�? says the baker who embarked on her journey to India in 2008 and came down to Pondicherry in 2012. She is currently a volunteer at Satya Special School, forA�disabled children. Eat My Cake, says the baker, is a feisty endeavor by a feisty French woman. a�?I had always dreamt of combining my love for baking with a social cause. Now, I not only make cupcakes but also teach baking to women and young girls at Satya Special School ,a�? she says. The highlight is her quirky add-ons like flags, moustaches and mini tiaras on her cupcakes. As for her bakery, she asks us to hold on for three more months.
    Priced at Rs 80 per piece and a box with 12 mini cupcake costs Rs 300. Details: eatmycake.in
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