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    Art, music and meditative fun

    The Alipore Post, started by Rohini Kejriwal, is a popular newsletter curating art, illustration, poems and links from across the Internet. This weekend, she curates a festival titled The Alipore Post Offline. It is a two-day extravaganza with music, art installations, workshops and food.
    Kejriwal used to be a journalist but quit her job to travel and explore the country. She had been saving images and links of interesting art works and eye-opening articles online, ever since she could remember. a�?I realised that I had a lot to share with people, and after some experimentation, The Alipore Post was born. The overall idea is to appreciate beauty, in whatever form it comes at you,a�? says Kejriwal.
    The offline festival idea came from the need to meet and interact with like-minded people from the city. The event, being held at The Courtyard House in Sarjapur, will feature poetry readings along with an art exhibition, which is in collaboration with Art&Found, another art curation platform. Musicians like Kumail, Anand Vijaysimha, Kamomile and Mahesh Raghunandan will be performing. Vinyl lovers can get together and play their records with the Drop the Needle session hosted by Social Offline. There is also a pop-up bookshop by Goobea��s Book Republic.
    Art lovers can look forward to Jai Ranjita��s Paint like Picasso +Drawing Mythical Creatures Workshop or the a�?fictional comic drawinga�� workshop by Sreejita Biswas. For some meditative fun, attend the Zentangle workshop by Lahe Lahe.
    The event has a personal touch, which makes it special. Kejriwal has roped in her favourite street food vendor, from Indiranagar to cover your gastronomic needs. a�?My main approach was to be selfish and have a lineup of things I would enjoy and want to do over one weekend,a�? she confesses.
    Entry free. September 17-18. 11am onwards. At, Sarjapur Road. Details: Facebook.com/thealiporepost

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