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    Started by food connoisseur and travel enthusiast Vivek Mata, Slice of Heaven, dotted with non-fussy steel and cheerful orange plastic interiors, is neatly sandwiched between Watsona��s above and Smallys below in Ulsoor. Holding its own with a European menu inspired by little cafA�s and trattorias across the Meditteranean (especially Verona and Padova), the food is well priced, unpretentious and exceptionally good. a�?While this isna��t my primary job, it certainly is my passion. And that drove me to start up Slice of Heaven; a bit of my travels in every platter,a�? shares, Mata, whose wife trained the chefs personally.

    2702Food8NewWe began with a bowl of tomato soup, made from scratch, redolent with garlic and basil, nothing like the packaged, powdered excuse that often passes for soup in certain places. Next came fried mozzarella sticks crisp with molten insides that vegetarians are sure to enjoy, bacon wrapped chicken and prawn crusted with crunchy flakes. While you generally cana��t go wrong with anything wrapped in bacon, the shrimp in sinfully fried flakes, stole the show.

    Digging inA�

    Opting for traditional mains, we dived straight into a creamy carbonara a�� one of the best Ia��ve sampled in the city, enriched with bacon. Then a tangy arrabbiata with tomato and thyme sauce, a satisfying chicken cordon bleu and grilled bhetki.

    If youa��re counting calories, give it a break and try their sublime brownie-infused cold coffee. Their choco centric milkshakes come in flavours of KitKat, Oreo and hazelnut along with coffees, fruit coolers, iced teas and a few creative mocktails. Check out their hearty all-day breakfast ranging from mushroom on toast and tortillas to French toast, sausages and ham.
    Burgers, like mushroom and Swiss cheese, and the all popular croque monsieur find their pride of place alongside salads, wraps, quiches and puffs. Their dessert spread calls out for real attention. Think mousses in shot glasses in flavours like tiramisu, mango souffle and trois chocolat bavarois (three types of layered chocolate). Try their Baileya��s cream of chiffon pastry or blueberry baked cheese cake too. We were specially intrigued by the 20 flavours of perfectly baked browniesa��from classic cholocate walnuts to exotic green tea, shortbread and orange marmalade. Winning brownie points indeed !
    `700 for two. At Assaye Road.
    Details: 49653091
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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