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    Mohsina Yasmin Vikas from Assam and Elika Awomi of Manipur are self-confessed food obsessives. a�?Almost everything we do is centred around food, right from friendly meet-ups to vacations,a�? begins Vikas. So it was only natural for them to set up their own venture, with a focus on the cuisines of the regions they hail from. While there are a few restaurants specialising in N1orth Eastern cuisine, their delivery service, Curry & Things, offers a small selection of dishes that are not easy to come by, with a focus on Assamese, Naga and Manipuri fare.
    Having held a little pop-up recently to gauge how their food will be received, theya��ve managed to create quite a buzz with orders, calls and requests pouring in. a�?Wea��re overwhelmed as we did not expect it. Ita��s a passion-inspired set up and not business based. We do not even have financial plans in place,a�? she reveals.
    Launching today, customers are expected to check for Facebook updates, at the beginning of the week to see whata��s in store over the weekend and place their orders immediately. a�?Since we both hold full time jobs, this will be a weekend-only venture,a�? Vikas informs.
    Their menu heavily features the mainstays of North East Indian cuisine a�� bamboo shoot and smoked meats. a�?We also use garlic in everything we make, apart from the super hot king chilli,a�? she explains. Spices and oils are sparingly used, in keeping with their traditional recipes, with a focus on fresh ingredients (sourced from the North Eastern regions) and cooking methods. Starters include smoked meats a�� beef, chicken, pork cooked over wood fire for extended periods of time, with fiery birds eye chilli, cherry tomatoes or bamboo shoots, while mains typically consist of meats cooked in fresh herbs with pumpkin or mustard leaves. A popular dish on the menu is meat boiled with Naga herbs, coriander and spring onions a�� a soupy affair that is always served with steamed rice.
    Vikas highly recommends the fish steamed in banana leaf, which is hard to find in restaurants. They also offer a host of chutneys that are vegetable, chilli or fish based. Veggies have little to choose from, with the duo offering a dish of steamed mixed vegetables. The pickles are a must try and include chilli, bamboo shoot and beef in oil and salt and no spices whatsoever.
    Rs.750 upwards for two. Details: facebook.com/curryandthings
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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