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Actor Miles Allen brings his famous Breaking Bad impressions to India

If youa��re a Breaking Bad addict, or simply a a�?Baddicta��, the name Miles Allen should ring a bell. The actor broke the Internet in 2013 with his YouTube upload a�� Homeless Man Does Breaking Bad Impressions For Food a�� a day after the Emmy Award-winning TV series wrapped up. In the video, he impersonates Jesse Pinkman, a character involved in the meth drug trade along with protagonist Walter White. He followed this up with One Man Breaking Bad, where he condensed 60 hours, and five seasons of Breaking Bad, into an hour of parody performance. His solo show has been a darling of comedy fests since then, and hea��s performed about 180 runs across nine countries.

And tonight, the show debuts in Bengaluru. Needless to say, Allen is excited: a�?I love curry, so I think India and I will get along just fine!a�?
The homage, as the Baddict refers to his show, will be about a�?meth (of course!), breakfast, songs, dance, explosions, wigs, bellsa�?, and impressions of iconic characters, including Walter White, Jesse Pinkman, Saul Goodman, Skyler White, Hank Schrader, and more.
The 25-year-old actor also counts it as his a�?big breaka�?, and says, a�?Before this show, I was a starving artiste, and a voice-over performer. I was working part time as a a�?mannya�� (male nanny) in Los Angeles so I could have a flexible schedule to go for auditions. It certainly was a struggle a�� but no pain, no gain!a�?

He recollects the turning point of his career, a�?After watching the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, I was imitating the voices of its characters for my friends, who were cracking up! I had been growing out my beard at the time, and a friend joked that I looked a�?homelessa��. Next day, I hit the streets doing these impressions as a homeless, filmed it and put it up on Internet.a�?
We had to ask: Have the makers of Breaking Bad reached out to him? a�?Actor Bob Odenkirk (who played Goodman) is interested to see my show. But one day, I hope to perform for the entire team to thank them for making this show,a�? he says.
January 29. At Alliance FranA�aise, Vasanthnagar. 8.30 pm. Tickets (Rs.600) on
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