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Nissan celebrates 20 years of the ubiquitous a�?hooka��

Japanese carmaker Nissan made March 2016 the month that marked 20 years since the debut of one of its most iconic developments, the much-loved Curry Hook. If youa��re expecting the a�?currya�� part to be something less likely to feature at the next cultural appropriation debate, then youa��re going to be disappointed. No, ita��s not a tribute to British actor Tim Curry or a hook to help you board a train at Currey Road Station in Mumbai. It is a utility peg on the dashboard, deemed ideal for hanging little takeaway bags. Placed right next to the glove compartment and close enough to the floor of the car, it is claimed to be the perfect solution for preventing packed food from spilling on to the plush car interiors.
The Curry Hook debuted in 1996 in the Nissan Almera, the European market version of the Nissan Pulsar back in the day. Now featured in the Qashqai and X-Trail, the peg joins the ranks of simple cabin details that make life just a little bit easier. Like the Karakuri board (the Japanese application of mechanical devices to create movement)a��seen in the Qashqai, Juke and Notea��which allows a user to divide boot space. Or the upper storage tray on the dash that gets a power-socket for sat-nav devices. The origin of the name can perhaps be attributed to international fans of Indian food who must really favor curry. You could give biryani a chance too, you know.

a�� Agrima Joshua@agrimonious
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