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A 10-day workshop at KalaRasa to help polish your theatrical skills

Whether youa��re a theatre amateur or pro, KalaRasa invites you to hone your skills further through this mega workshop, that aims to make theatre more mainstream.

a�?Ita��s for those who never got an opportunity to pursue theatre after doing a stray school or college play. Ita��s also for those curious minds who want to indulge in, get swept off and contribute to theatre, but really dona��t know where to start,a�? begins Sushmitha Shridhara, who is one of the faculty members at the art centre.

In the spotlight
The Experience Theatre programme will touch upon basics of theatre and introduce participants to creating a story, visualising it and extracting its dramatic essence through appropriate voice and body language. Of course, the main dynamic of good theatre a�� team work, will also be the focus here. a�?Even newbies can get a taste of what theatre is,a�? says Shridhara.

Going pro
Well recognised names from the theatre circuit like television actors, musicians, dancers, directors and light designers are involved in this workshop. Light designer Vinay Chandra, will teach the importance of good lighting, Sneha Kapanna, a choreographer and dancer will introduce you to body kinetics (dona��t be afraid of the word!), Varijashree will take on the task of teaching voice culture and modulation thanks to her experience as a playback singer while Ananya Kasaravalli, a popular actor will teach method acting. The workshop will culminate in a play directed by Harish Seshadri, who is no stranger to the stage either. In a nutshell, there are plenty of rigorous yet fun activities including role-play and games.

a�?The reason it is a multi-faculty workshop is to offer a cursory view of important aspects of a theatre production. Since theatre typically involves many kinds of skills, the workshop is designed to equip the students with the knowledge of all its components,a�? shares Bharath Kumar, founder, KalaRasa, adding that this will also aid those who are not privy to formal training.

Grand finale
Speaking of the performance on the final day, A�Romicon Revola, managing partner, says it will be a conceptual exercise. a�?The students will come up with a story themselves, convert it into a working script and stage it. Depending upon the number of students, it might be 2 or 3 short performances drawn out of the personal and collective experiences of the students and their life in the city,a�? Revola says, adding that she hopes the workshop will a�?make them fall in love with this fascinating world called theatre. A fantasy world where one can dare to be anyone they want!a�?
January 17 a�� 26. Registrations required. Details: 9900034478

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