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    With an Arabian majlis and specially designed floors, Hutte Royale is your unwind centre for the weekend

    SERENITY Beach is the latest venue to create a buzz in Pondicherry. There is a new restaurant, Theevu Plage, a surf school and the just-opened Hutte Royale, a sea-facing resort right at the end of beach. Walk in and you will find a massive deck, at the end of which is the reception. With 10 rooms, an Arabian majli (place to sit) and fresh seafood, Hutte Royale can be the perfect weekend getaway for workaholics. Owned by Chandru G, a Pondicherry-based architect, it is just a few months old but is fully booked over the weekends.
    The big catchhut3
    Chandru walks us through the rooms, where a ladder leads up to the attic bedroom (with AC), cozy and perfect for honeymooners. We notice the floor is curved, to which he says, a�?It follows a concept practised in Ayurveda. People with back aches are adviced to sleep on curved or slanted floors. It helps them maintain the correct posture when sleeping.a�? He is also doing his bit to promote green buildingsa��the reason why all the rooms have thatched roofs. For those who are looking for a peaceful spot, head to the sea-facing Arabian majli on the first floor. With cushions and a bamboo carpet, this is our favourite place. a�?We serve Arabic tandoori specials, kebabs, and grilled chicken and seafood. We see a lot of foreigners who spend the whole day reading books, listening to music or just relaxing,a�? says Chandru who also owns a Pondicherry-based TV channel, Media 7. Seafood lovers will not be disappointed with their selection, which includes shrimps, prawns, calamari and fish. a�?Serenity Beach is a fishermen settlement and we have locals offering fresh catch every day. Wea��re also working on creating a pond inside the premises where we can breed fish,a�? he explains.
    Extra mileage
    Chandru is working on other activities for residentsa��starting with a volleyball court. a�?I want to introduce a catamaran ride and plan to provide bicycles for visitors. I have also opened another new property in Serenity Beach, which has five extra roomsa��when this one gets full. Most of the visitors who come to the resort are from Bengaluru,a�? he concludes.

    Rooms start from Rs 4,000. Details: 0413 2238533
    Mrinalini Sundar


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