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Gallery, island or a simple a�?ua��, choose your kitchen shape from the citya��s first stainless steel modular store ArttdinoxA�

Custom-made is the buzzword in home decor and solutions. Arttdinox, the first stainless steel modular kitchen store by Jindal Steels, is putting the word art into this functional space. Spread over 2,800 sq ft, the store is home to different modular kitchens, dining materials, cookware and other home decor products made of stainless steel. The company has also tied up with Siemens and Whirlpool for various appliances like ovens, dishwashers etc. which could be fit into the modular kitchen.
Interestingly, the kitchen units are welded together. The body is only bent and fitted within the design. The company also offers materials which are fingerprint resistant.
The store has five types of kitchen on offer in Hyderabad. The Gallery Kitchen is a solution for long and narrow kitchens. The cabinets run along one wall and the work flow occurs along another line. Besides this, the store also houses corner kitchen. The layout is versatile giving one enough space between the sink, oven and refrigerator which allows ergonomic fluidity and enough room for a table.
Moving on from the corners, the store has double gallery kitchen. This is suitable for long rooms with worktops and work areas running along two facing walls. This allows better use of space as one can have worktops on both sides of the room. Apart from this, there is an island kitchen. Aptly named, the design allows one to have a table unit which can be used as a utility and dining table. This kitchen is for spaces that witness a lot of movement. In the u-shaped kitchen, the units and work areas are arranged on three walls, keeping everything one needs within easy reach. Customers can customise their kitchen with different fittings on it.
The store is located in the lane next to TV 5 office at Jubilee check post. Price: Starts from ` 6,00,000 and upwards. Details: 18001021207

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