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    From Italy comes a luxury brand with Made to Measure services for the man who wants more than just a label. Favoured by celebrities like George Cloony, Kiton is a bastion of a Neapolitan tailoring culture.A�

    Luxury bespoke company Kiton enters the country with a service for the discerning male.

    Second Generation entrepreneur Pratik Dalmia has been working on bringing the family-owned mena��s bespoke luxury brand to the country for over a year.

    Neapolitan luxury

    The combined creativity of Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola put Naples (known then for mafioso rather than style) on the fashion map back in 1956 with Kiton, a luxe mena��s clothing brand endorsed by George Clooney in Oceans 13. Now Regalia Luxury Retail brings their made-to-measure tailoring service to India to cater to a�? the individual sensibilities of the true Indian sartorialista��.

    a�?At Kiton, our clothes are 100 per cent hand-crafted and hand-sewn- adding sprezzatura (effortless style) to fine fabric,a�? says Dalmia, founder of Regalia Luxury Retail. They use soft and flexible British and Italian fabrics woven from Merino wool and superior cotton blended with fine cashmere.

    The jacket is enhanced by a soft canvas chest-liner that allows it to move easily and still retain its elegant cut, very different from those available at Saville Row. a�?Tailors at Kiton, learn to make jackets that are more closely shaped to the natural slope of the back, neck, and shoulders than other stylesa�? explains Dalmia.

    Their expert team in India will meet with clients and measure them up for individual pieces. Each suit takes 25 hours to be crafted by the master tailors in Naples. Rs 3,10,000 upwards.

    Details: kiton.it

    a��Susanna Chandy


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