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    Riya Josepha��s a�?Jewelria��A�contemporises A�traditional designs and adds a functional twist

    Ria Josepha��s collections run from diamonds, rubies and emeralds of varying shapes and sizes, to rare and unconventional semi-precious stones like the tiger eye and lapis lazuli. She even works with beads that have interesting textures and stones that have off-beat

    Ria Joseph

    Ria Joseph

    natural formations. a�?I run my own manufacturing unit that works primarily with sterling silver and 18 carat gold, but also explores more affordable metals like copper and bronze when required,a�? begins Joseph, who combines material from across the spectrum in her pieces.

    By design
    a�?Boutiques send me colour charts in advance, so I make pieces to complement the clothes in their collections,a�? she shares, explaining that her designs keep in mind the buying habits of specific markets. a�?The north is more chunky and elaborate while the south is quality conscious and a little more traditional,a�? says Joseph.

    All nine yards
    Her collections range from earrings, pendants and necklaces to rings, bangles, brooches and cutesy bejewelled accessories like belt buckles, spectacle chains and bag straps. As perfectly at ease with techniques like filigree, cutwork and dual polish as she is with stringing murano beads with silver trinkets, every piece is hand-crafted from scratch. Whether ita��s procuring high quality diamonds or cutting and texturing rare stones, Josepha��s a�?Jewelria�� line aims at preserving the natural beauty of the stone. She also draws inspiration from traditional Indian designs but adds a modern, practical touch. Detachable jhumkis transform into statement studs that go perfectly with an LBD or a simple blouse-and-trousers ensemble.

    Follow the art
    An economics honours graduate, Riya Joseph went on to complete a double degree in jewellery design and manufacturing from the Indian Institute of Designa��s IIJ (India Institute of Jewellery), which helped expand her repertoire to creating pieces like the unevenly textured leaf earrings that reflect her inspiration source or the flower-embossed gold beads with an underlying red tone.
    Joseph has just launched Accessori (Rs 800 up) a�� a range of clutches, potli bags, wallets and even trendy diaper bags (for her a�?new mothera�� clients!) that primarily uses materials like cotton-silk, tussar and brocade as elegant party wear options.

    Rs 500 upwards. Appointments only. Details: riajoseph@gmail.com

    a�� Susanna Chandy


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