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    An angry kid, a fake startup, and a zombie attack kept the e-world abuzz this past week

    Hea��s the man RadioAnchor1
    The chubby Chinese kid from the Toddler Picked Up Steel Pipe To Defend His Grandma From Chinaa��s Urban Management Force video is the latest star of the web. The clipping first emerged on the Chinese
    social network, Weibo last week, and has clocked 42,41,574 YouTube views since then. Here, he stands up for his grandma when law enforcement officials come to clamp down her illegal street stall. AndA�how he does it is both incredibly brave, and unintentionally cute. He first lifts a steel pipe, twice his height, to keep the cops off his grandmaa��s stall, and follows it up with a warning, a�?Dona��t touch myA�grandma! Go awaya�?. The by-standers can be heard laughing at the kidsa�� daredevilry, as he swings his weapon in the air, and later throws to the ground in a huff. The cops do try to calm him down, but to noA�avail.


    The curious caseRadioAnchor2
    We all have at least one friend who has footed a startup, or is about to. So talks about how they raise funds, or get acquired are commonplace, but intriguing, nonetheless. Bengaluru-based comedians
    Kanan Gill, and Abish Mathew address this topic in their latest YouTube outing, The Startup. In the video, which was posted last week, Gill and Mathew approach investors with their startup idea, raise
    billions, and end up exiting the company to Facebook, mind you, at the idea stage, when they dona��t even have a real product in place. With 2,97,964 views, ita��s a hilarious take on how entrepreneurs live on
    virtual money. Tune in, and get your startup friends to spill some trade secrets.



    Cats first
    Siblings can be wicked if they want to. The video Brothers Convince Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse will evoke laughter, yes, but also memories of the sufferings brothers and sisters unleash on each other. In the video, which has got five lakh views, two brothers pick up their younger sister Millicent Phillips in a car after her painful dental visit. On the way, they start discussing the a�?zombie attack in theirA�citya�� that a�?a radio station brokea�� minutes ago. Even their mother pitches in, and calls up the siblings sounding terribly concerned. The poor girl is left confused, frustrated, and teary-eyed. If thata��s not bad enough, therea��s more. When Millicent is informed she can only either pick their pet cat or dog to take with the family to Mexico (to escape the zombies), she shoots back a�� a�?The cat, you idiot!a�?.


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